ae801 sensor element

AE801 Multi-Purpose Sensor Element: Applications


The AE-800 series sensor elements are designed to be general purpose and easy to use tools in the measurement of mechanical properties such as position, pressure, force and acceleration. This note is written as additional information to the data sheet for customers starting to use the elements in building their own transducers or measuring set-ups. The note gives more detailed information about the elements and the principle being used.

The basic difference between these sensor elements and most other semiconductor strain-gauges is that they are preassembled on a header, making them more easy to use and attach to electrical connections. They are half-bridge sensor elements containing two active resistors, one on each side of the silicon die.

Being silicon strain-gauges, they have the advantage of high sensitivity and good long term stability.

The AE-800 sensor elements are well proven after being used in transducer products for many years covering applications within medical, military, industrial and automotive instrumentation.

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