ae801 sensor

The AE801 series sensor element is designed to be a general purpose and easy to use tool in the measurement of mechanical properties such as position, force, and acceleration. The sensor features a silicon strain gauge with one ion implanted resister on each side and is mounted in a special miniature header. panerai replica watches It is easy to mount, reliable, and highly accurate. The sensor element has innumerable applications including R&D, medical, industrial control, and instrumentation. The AE801 is most often used to measure small forces, and works well measuring forces as small as 1 micro Newton. continue

sp82 sensor

The SP82 series of pressure sensors has a wide range of applications including aerospace, defense, sub-sea, and measurement instruments. This sensor is the latest generation for pressure measurements and is available in absolute, relative, and differential configurations. The sensor offers unmatched results for high reliability applications and has excellent long-term stability. Its long term stability properties support 0.02% FSO/year. This sensor has been used in the aerospace industry for over 20 years. continue