ae801 sensor element

AE801 Multi-Purpose Sensor Element: Accessories


0.005" Diameter
0.010” Diameter

This wire is an excellent choice for making custom extensions and tools for the AE801 to connect to for measurement of an object. The wire is thin enough not to destroy the frequency response of the AE801. However, it is still stiff enough to transfer forces from the measurement object to the AE801.

The Stainless Steel Wire is spring tempered and diamond drawn. This wire is formulated similar to commercial quality stainless steel, but has been refined by melting or remelting in a vacuum. This process segregates the melt from the oxygen, nitrogen and other ambient gases, resulting in a cleaner, higher-quality, more pure stainless steel. This wire offers high corrosion resistance for many conditions, particularly when working with phosphoric and acetic acids. Minimum tensile strength: 220,000 psi. This wire comes “gun-barrel” straight and clean with bright finish. Ships in 4” lengths.


Wire Photo 01 Wire Photo 02