ae801 sensor element

AE801 Multi-Purpose Sensor Element: Specifications


Input parameters

Voltage excitation

1-10V DC or AC

Resistors Value

1000Ω ± 25%

Resistance matching


Deflection of the beam at full scale (FS)


Load at tip of the beam at FS

0.12N (12.2gram)

Safe overload

120% of FS

Frequency response

DC - 5kHz

Output Parameters 25ºC

Full scale output (FSO)

30mV/V ±30%

Gauge factor of individual resistors

55 - 70

Non-linearity (typical)

±0.25% FSO

Hysteresis (typical)

±0.1% FSO

Temperature increase by internal power dissipation

0.25 ºC/mW in oil, 1 ºC/mW in free air

Breakdown voltage between resistors

min. 15V

Environmental Parameters

Temperature range (operating and storage)

-55 ºC to + 125 ºC

Temperature coefficient of individual resistors

0.8 x10-3/ ºC ± 25%

Thermal zero shift

±0.02% FSO/ ºC

Thermal sensitivity shift

-0.17 ±0.05% of reading / ºC

Natural resonance frequency (in air)


Electrical Insulation

Isolation voltage between header and leads

minimum 200 V DC

Mechanical Data

Modules of elasticity

1.6 x 105 N/mm2

Spring constant at full length (typical)

2 N/mm

Weight approximate

120 mg

Total sensors length


Sensor element length


Electrical connection wires (length)


Diameter of header:


Physical Parameters

All Dimensions in mm

ae801 specifications
Electrical Schematic

Wheatstone Bridge Circuit

ae801 electrical graphic

Specifications may be subject to change without notice.